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Graham Massey and Martin Prince formed 808STATE, pioneer of Acid House/Hard Core Techno. They named this unit after TR808 a rhythm machine of Roland and released their 1st album NEWBUILD from their own label Creed(this reissue was released from REPHLEX in 1999). They took up Gerald Simpson(later debuted solo as A GUY CALLED GERALD) on this album and became the topic of Acid house scene. Around that time, Hip Hop DJs Andrew Baker and Darren Partington joined them as formal members. In 1989, they released mini-album Quadrastate and became the representative dance units in UK. At the end of the year, they contracted with major record company ZTT/ Warner and released 2nd album 90. After SECOND SUMMER OF LOVE, Acid House/Rave culture was blazing up. This made them famous and got more remix works like INSPIRAL CARPETS, PRIMAL SCREAM, YMO, YES, DAVID BOWIE, etc in the name of 808STATE/ Graham Massey. This edited version 808Utd was released from Hip Hop label TOMMY BOY(!). At this time, they challenged an unique track which produced a white rapper MC TUNES.
In early 1991, they released their 3rd album EX:EL which also rocked Japan. Like KLF or SHAMEN, they were picked up by so much media as a synonym for ACID HOUSE/RAVE culture and introduced as a techno unit of Manchester Movement which was represented by STONE ROSES, HAPPY MONDAYS and so on(this movement was also called MADCHESTER and OMANCHE). It lead to blew people's minds especially who loved international rock. In Japan, there are so many fans who were influence of 808STATE. Their first live in Japan which was held at Club Citta Kawasaki drew a full house and they fascinated the audience. They took up guests like B.Summer of NEW ORDER and Bjork. This made Bjork's original vocal style remarkable and represent the world's female vocalists. They put out 3 single hits from this album and became the top of the techno units.
After that, Martin Prince left the unit. In February of 1992, they performed the 2nd tour in Japan TECHNOTAKU TOUR and released their 4th album GORGEOUS. Some guests participated in this album like vo. of ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN and IMcCulloch. It quated base-line of JOY DIVISION to appeal to Rock fans too. In 1996, they released 5th album DON SOLARIS. Around that time, Trip Hop blazed up. Almost all of the low-beat tracks tasted like 808STATE's original Trip Hop. This high quality album featured J.D.Bradfield of MANIC STREET PRECHERS, SOUL COFFING's vo., etc. In Japan, the edited album THERMO KINGS including the remix tracks was released. It took up very interesting and various remixers like 808STATE themselves, Dillinja of D'n'b, Ambient's master Brian Eno, and Propellerheads of BIG BEAT. In 1998, they put out the best album 808:88:98 to their 10th anniversary, and released a single INVADER from Bellboy at the end of 1999.
Now, their long-hoped new album had come up in 2002 released from indie-label CIRCUS. The contents are full of acid break-beat-techno which reminisces about 808'S golden times. Gorgeous guests join the album like IBROWN of e.x.STONE ROSES, G.Garvey of Elbow and Alabana3. The contents come up to 808 fan's expectation on their sounds and their topics.


TITLE:Outpost Transmission

PRICE:2,190JPY | BACY-20 | 2002/08/21

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